The Association

logo signsdiscoverySigns Discovery is a French non-lucrative Association founded in 2013 (1901 law).

Regarding the organisation of the association, there are no members in order to limit the administrative burden of the association but occasional contributors, all volunteers, who bring their know-how.

First, the association focuses on the design and subcontracts the development of the programs as well as the management of the technical part.

The second action of the association is to disseminate the application by providing training and, if necessary, acting as a consultant to promote the best utilisation of the application.

Both the application and the training are free of charge, provided that the beneficiaries respect the charter.

This charter is intended to ensure the sharing of knowledge. The project has two parts: the application as a set of functionalities (the programmes) and the contents (bank of signs, teaching tools). The first part is provided by Signs Discovery Association and the contents are to be provided by Organisations. It is important to note that all existing content can be transferred to Signs Discovery to fully benefit from the thematic classification and the level of difficulty. But also to centralise the organisation’s documentary corpus and therefore offer a unique access to this corpus. These contents can be videos, written documents, photos, drawings, schemes with the possibility of linking them together (example: a video and its detailed content in a word document).

The interventions of Signs Discovery Association are subject to a contract that details the free parts and, if necessary, the parts that can give rise to donations.

The origin of this project lies in meetings in France and abroad, with specialised teachers, manager in companies, parents and children, but also in an observation of the difficulties of learning the sign language.