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A library of signs with educational tools

  • A frame of reference indicates the sign and written languages used, a thematic tree-like mapping (e.g. family, studies, food, sport, art, …), a level of difficulty standard, a simplified description of the organisation using the application, the list of users with their access authorisation,
  • a library of simple and complex signs classified by theme and by level of difficulty including synonyms and copies in sign languages, a traditional drawing of the movement for simple signs and a hand configuration relative to the sign,
  • a library of meanings in written languages (including multi-alphabet), with the possibility of adding an illustration, a pictogram and a sound (for hearing and illiterate people),
  • a multi-sign language and multi-written language algorithm ensuring correspondence between meanings and signs,
  • a written language -> sign language translator allowing a search based on a sequence of characters or on a word,
  • a sign language -> written language translator based on standard hand configurations,
  • Lessons classified by theme and by level of difficulty,
  • Tests classified by theme and by level of difficulty to validate the acquisition of the lessons : a test aiming to identify the right sign among 3 signs proposed from a meaning, a test aiming to determine the right meaning among 3 meanings from a sign,
  • Writing tests classified by theme and by level of difficulty to write a meaning from a simple or complex sign,
  • Training courses which are either videos with sign language included, or written documents (pdf), or videos with sign language included to which are attached written documents (pdf), all this on all types of themes (school, daily or professional),
  • pedagogical monitoring based on assiduity and performance follow-up per learner, per group of learners, per organisation,
  • the ability to download the follow-ups in order to anayse them more precisely with a spreadsheet.