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Signs Discovery is able to operate with PC, Mac, tablets.

Its fidelity

Signs Discovery records each sign as a single video, medium that can really capture all the components of a sign. It is possible to record in front of the camera, at 45° to the camera or in front of and to the side of the camera.

Its richness

Signs Discovery records a sign, its synonyms and its copies (different signers).

Signs Discovery also records sequences of signs (sign language sentences).

All the knowledge and signs are classified according to 1/ a mapping of themes (comparable to a library) and 2/ a level of difficulty; both are configurable.

Its adaptability

In reading, the speed of the videos can be adjusted (x1, x0.5, x0.3) to allow learners to read the sign in its various stages of complexity; this is very useful for sequences of signs.

Its pedagogical features

Signs Discovery offers learning functions such as lessons, tests, training and a writing module. A record of learners’ actions in assiduity and performance is automatically kept for each learner action. This information allows the pedagogical team to monitor the progress of the learners. This information is available in the form of excel tables that can be used for an ad hoc dashboard.


Signs Discovery has been developed and is maintained by a software house.