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Signs Discovery outlines

Our goal:

Signs Discovery Association seeks to further facilitate communication for both the Deaf and Hearing people through Sign Language.

For this purpose, Signs Discovery proposes with various educational means to:

  • learn and become proficient in Sign Language,
  • Gain all kind of knowledges (academic, vocational, cultural, leisure,…) always based on Sign Language.

Signs Discovery is an universal application:

Sign Language like any language is different from one country to another, from one region to another,…

Signs Discovery can be used in any Signs Language, giving it an international scope. It can be used in any country including for regional and local dialects.

Our project: 

Signs Discovery is a humanitarian project which works anywhere (with or without Internet) and is free for use.

Signs Discovery is a pedagogical application.

In addition to the universality, the guiding principles were:

  • to be able to record and classify signs (both words and sentences) through videos in an easy way,
  • to propose a framework for self-learning and distance-education,
  • to bring to educational teams a pedagogical follow-up,
  • to have an incentive program to boost the motivation,
  • to choose an e-learning as the technical solution.

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