The Association

logo signsdiscoveryis a 1901 law, non-lucrative Association founded in 2013.


Signs Discovery : the genesis

While travelling to Cambodia, the designer of the application met deaf people he was sadly embarrassed to communicate with.

They did not go to school and for some of them did not have any sign language training.

Back to France, he attended sign language courses but difficulties to take notes as well as no educational tool available led him to…

an idea...

To design an application available for all situations where sign languages are used to communicate and suitable for young and old!

The principles chosen to best meet this idea were:

  • To achieve this project, the Association has been created.
  • Advices and opinions have been collected from specialized institutes, teachers, parents, NGO’s involved in education for deaf children, deaf students, deaf employees, managers, people in charge of handicap in companies to take into account as much as possible needs.
  • Information have been collected from various countries (Cambodia, Niger, Laos, France, Madagascar, Brazil)

Roles of the association:

The Association designs, subcontracts the development to a software house, performs any controls on the deliveries and distribute the application.

Additionally, depending on the situation, the Association intervenes as a consultant in project management for the implementation of the application.

Distribution is mainly oriented to specialized institutes and Organizations which work in favour of deaf people.

All actions carried out by the Association only serve humanitarian purposes.

All contributors to the Association are volunteers.

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