Participate to the project !

There are 2 ways to support the project

Financial support:

Signs Discovery is free of use.

Design, tests and distribution of this application is managed by volunteers.

IT development is sub-contracted to a software house.

Running costs are mainly the website, the registration of the application and some accommodations linked to the implementation of the application.

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The contents

The main advantage of Signs Discovery apart from learning the Sign Language is to disseminate knowledge. In the application, there are 2 modules: Courses/trainings and Inclusive school.

Anyone who wants to provide knowledge is welcome.

While respecting our Charter, contributors are free to choose the pedagogy, the contents they wish to implement in order to bring to the database.

Also, the Association links users who may have common needs and interests.

Example: a course dedicated to good practices for the environment can be used after translation from the original Sign Language to the recipient’s Sign Language.

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