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Signs Discovery strenghts

Internet is far from being accessible everywhere.

Signs Discovery is able to operate with (PC, Mac, tablets) and without Internet (PC, MAC).



In numerous parts of the world, Internet time response is inadequate for distance teaching.

Immediate display of videos results from above when no use of internet.

Additionally, when implementing, we bring a support to record or adjust the videos.


Flexibility of use 

A translator available anywhere in the application.

Synonymous in both sign language and written language can be recorded.

Several sign languages can be simultaneously handled by the application.

Depending on the context, any local sign language can be recorded in order to preserve a local culture.

The speed of the videos can be adjusted while watching them in order to comfortably break down the signs.



Concentration, motivation and entertainment have driven the design.

Example : Children can earn points when using the application. Collected points give entertaining sequences and rewards.


Robustness and sustainability

Signs Discovery is engineered by a software house with a professional quality-level to guarantee no failures and upgradability : Geekho.