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Signs Discovery: a pedagogical application

A complete software

Signs Discovery covers a wide range of learning situation from simple basic signs lessons to thematic courses provided to end-users:

Apprenticeship of sign language:

  • multi-languages and multi-alphabet translator enabling a search by letter or by word or even an reverse search by hand configurations (frame),
  • lessons ranked by topic and by level of difficulty,
  • tests based on the same ranking to validate the acquisition of the lessons,
  • exercices also built with the same ranking logic allowing to practice with the webcam.


  • courses on school, everyday-life or professional topics,
  • MCQ (Multi Choice Questionary) to conduct self-assessment on any topic,
  • Certification process to formally acknowledge a level of skills.

Monitoring functions for teaching teams:

  • identification of the learners,
  • Classification of all information per topic and per level of difficulty (1 to 10) ; classification accordingly of the users
  • Implementation of knowledges in the application,
  • Assiduity and performance follow-up of learners.

Various contents

In order to boost the learning for young children, illiterates, multiple disability people, signs, words, sentences are supplemented by various contents (pictograms, pictures, drawings, schemes, animations, maps, mini-videos, …).

Signs language is not unique worldwide.

As any living language, within a country, the sign language(s) evolve and have local particularisms. The design of the application has been done to cope with this variety of contexts.

The Association will intend to share the contents collected after consent of their owners within a country and accross countries.

Of course, the contents will have to be adjusted to local sign languages.

No contents are imposed when implementing the application.

Way of use

The application can be used in self-learning mode and in support of an educational setting (institutes, inclusive schools, clubs, …).

Syntax is a crucial The syntax of sign language and written language are different and the Association, after teachers consultation, decided to proceed in 2 phases.

Learning by example : that’s why, the application has been designed to handle sentences with the ability to slow down videos.

A syntax module is the box but we need to collect more advices from experts to design it.

We consider this module as crucial regarding the numerous difficulties for a lot of deaf children to be comfortable with written language.