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logo signsdiscoverySigns Discovery : a collaborative tool

The challenge of the project is to collect contents which are signed.

Apprenticeship of sign language:

Depending on the countries, specialized institutions broadcast sign language on various media (paper documentation, videos, web translators,…). All these contents are a source of information for Signs Discovery.

They can be introduced in Signs Discovery with a mass processing tool based on EXCEL format.


There will be 3 ways to record and display courses in Signs Discovery.

  • The 1st possibility is to record documents attached to a video or alone – this mode is to be used for supplementary documentation or heavy documents.
  • The 2nd possibility is to record all-in-one videos (videos including a sign language video).
  • The 3rd case is to compose a course with a sequence of screens which have an illustration (video, picture, scheme,…), a wording and a sign language video. The number of sequences is unlimited.

We have prepared a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to explains how to proceed:how to prepare a course (pdf) with the standard lesson form (pdf).


The form and the attached documentation have to be sent to the following address: